We provide several types of digital publications to suit the needs and budget of conference organizers and journal editors.


Responsive-Web-Design-Example-cafeevoke_comOur Online Proceedings allows users secure, instant access to conference papers or journal articles all from their device of choice!  That’s right, no costly App for the conference to build and no lag time. Users access the Online Proceedings via a link on the conference or journal website and the proceedings site is branded with the conference/journal look and feel. Online Proceedings has search capability and allows users to access papers multiple ways (i.e. Sessions, Authors, Affiliations, etc.) Go Green with Online Proceedings!   Get A Quote


eGuideOur eGuide™ is almost identical to our Online Proceedings and it is delivered on USB, CD, DVD or downloadable. We create the publication using the look and feel similar to the conference/journal materials. Papers are accessible using a variety of hypertext links and bookmarks from such data as: track, session titles, paper titles, and authors, affiliations, etc. The eGuide™ is unique in that allows for  full-text searching.   Request a Quote or Demo


eBookFor those smaller proceedings, we produce a composite book with a hyper-linked table of contents listing, paper titles and authors and providing navigation to the papers.  We can even create a version of the eBook for viewing or downloading on any browser enabled device (PC and mobile devices).    Get a Quote or a Demo 



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