PCMA June 2014 Education Conference Rocked!

If you are not a member of PCMA (Professional Convention Management Association) you are missing out on an amazing group of professionals from all walks of the convention and conference world.  As a new member, I just returned from the PCMA Education Conference.  The welcoming atmosphere, informative speakers and collaborative breakout sessions delivered as advertised…”a mid-year reboot”! It was a perfect mix of education and networking.  This is an organization whose members truly believe that we advance by helping each other.  I want to thank all those who helped make my first experience at PCMA one that I will never forget, and I look forward to seeing you all again soon.






Happy Anniversary InControl !14 CANDLES

Time has certainly flown by.     We want to take this opportunity to thank all our loyal customers who have helped to make us better each year at what we love doing. . . serving YOU!    We look forward to many more years of collaborating with you and staying ahead of the curve in providing the ultimate in service and products.

Thank you all

Tell Barbara to blow out the candles!!


InControl Productions is going to Hawaii with IRPS 2014!

IRPSWe are pleased to announce that for the 6th consecutive year we will be producing the conference proceedings for IRPS.  This year’s conference will be held in Hawaii.  Read more about the conference by clicking the IRPS icon. Once again, we will have the esteemed pleasure of working with the the organizing committee for IRPS and the boutique conference management company of Widerkehr and Associates!


Accusations of fraud spur a revolution in scientific publishing

the guardian article


Journals need to get used to the idea that in future peer review of papers will take place after publication as well as before. Photograph: Getty

Three and a half centuries after the first journal was published, post-publication peer review is shaking up the old system. . .click the photo to read the full article published in the guardian


InControl Supports Sustainable Agriculture

SustainableIn simplest terms, sustainable agriculture is the production of food, fiber, or other plant or animal products using farming techniques that protect the environment, public health, human communities, and animal welfare. This form of agriculture enables us to produce healthful food without compromising future generations’ ability to do the same. Learn more about sustainable agriculture by clicking on the photo.