Article Preparation Services

Preparing the articles includes completing the following tasks on the paper metadata and the PDF files:

MetaData Quality Assurance
During the paper collection process the author is required to input information such as: the paper title, all contributing authors, each author’s affiliation and their country. This information is referred to as “meta data”.

InControl checks the meta data (paper title and author names) against the information displayed in the PDF. The general rule we follow is the PDF has the correct information, the meta data is corrected to match the information listed on the PDF.

Our article preparation services are flexible and customizable to suit your conference requirements. For example, you may request that we inspect and correct Keywords, Abstracts and/or Affiliations.

PDF Validation

InControl reviews each page of all the approved PDFs for a project to identify and fix problems found. A complete list of problems InControl fixes is supplied to conference organizers. Any listed problem that cannot be fixed by InControl is reported to the Conference Organizer for resolution.

Other Services

Additional article preparation services include:

– Resizing Papers
– Renaming PDF Files
– Withdrawal of Papers
– Application of a copyright
– Application of Headers
– Application of Footers
– Application of Article or Sequential Page Numbering
– Application of PDF Security

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